Artistic Fabric Mills

Artistic Fabric Mills has two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants that produce 50 million meters of denim per year. Our garment unit consumes half of the fabric produced by the mill and the rest is exported to the international denim markets. AFM is committed to innovation, quality and service. With control over raw materials, yarn manufacturing and all subsequent processes, the company offers premium denim in combination with authenticity in fabric performance, colors and finishes.

Fabric Process

Rope Dyeing

AFM has a variety of dyeing ranges installed including a 12 Rope machine (for R&D of new shades and smaller dye lots), a 24 Rope machine, a 36 Rope machine and a Slasher machine.
All the above equipment is capable of running bottoming, topping and high dip pure Indigo shades.


The weaving department is equipped with a combination of Projectile, Rapier, and AirJet looms.


Woven fabrics are finished to enhance their physical properties and dimensional stabilities. In order to obtain these characteristics the fabric goes through various finishing processes, such as Singeing, Mercerizing, Coating, Heat Setting and Sanforizing.

Inspection and Packing

All fabrics are carefully inspected using the American 4-point system, before being rolled and packed in polythene sheets using shrink-wrap machines.